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Daily Archives: September 20, 2010

Tropical Paradise and Man-Eating Eels

Tropical Paradise - or Eel-infested Death Trap?

On a number of occasions during my youth our family holidayed in the Solomon Islands. We stayed in a small village I remember as Tambia (although Google has no idea the place exists in the Solomons; instead it points me to a resort in Fiji and let me tell you I KNOW we didn’t stay there!) -[EDIT: Conversation with my Mum tonight revealed that the actual spelling is Tambea – thanks Mum!]- It was a simple place, in my memory it was an isolated oasis of small, thatch-roofed huts and other resort facilities nestled in beautiful tropical surrounds.

The crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean rolled onto black sand beaches; days were filled with simple pleasures like canoeing, snorkelling or simply wandering those miraculous shores and the nights were spent with the caretakers and other residents of the village, the adults conversing and the children playing by the light of kerosene tiki torches and moonlight. In addition to being a tranquil playground, Tambia Village was also an educational wonderland. One particular lesson will stay with me for the rest of my life.

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