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Daily Archives: September 8, 2010

My Japanese Travels: Nara and Todai-ji

This is a cut and paste from a MySpace blog I wrote. I’ve realised that I’ve said this blog was going to be about Japan and I’ve not written very much about that… 😦

As I’ve said before, and will no doubt repeat again during the course of my life, Japan has been an enormous source of growth, inspiration and awe for me. I could list many reasons why I love Japan as much as I do and why it had such an impact on me – actually I might, I think I’ll post something to that effect later.

For now, relax in your chair (or couch, or bed, or wherever) and come with me on a jaunt down memory lane to a wonderful place in Nara where three young adventurers experienced public transport, wild deer, megalithic homages to gods and a crawl through Buddha’s nostril on their way to enlightenment…

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Life Lessons – Courtesy of Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is a hero of mine; he should be a hero to everyone. He doesn’t have to be your biggest or only hero, but you should give him a chance. I’ve learned a lot about life from him; here are 10 of the most important things:

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