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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Mad Props to Mad Props!

George couldn't find voice for his love; Meredith was speechless.

Wolf Brother and I were watching Moonraker last night and as we enjoyed the action sequences something dawned on us – for all the credit that gets thrown around once a movie is completed, there is none to be had for the stunt dummies. I am here to change that today!

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Mt Fuji - as seen by me from halfway up.

Currently my favourite travelling experience; to be topped only by my someday visit to Alaska was the 24 hour period that contained my trek to the top of Mt Fuji.

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Please Explain – or Whatever…

I was going to write a pet peeves post, but instead thought I’d post this in light of the past couple of days. In particular, because both yesterday and today I had two humourous experiences that both flowed in a very similar way.

Have you ever found yourself laughing on the inside at people who are supposed to be professionals or who initiate a conversation to demonstrate their knowledge about something quite particular, only to find that they use the phrase “or whatever” an awful lot?

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The Motion of the Ocean

I don’t want this to come across as a serious post. Seriously. I’m trying to work a new angle here, it’s why I moved away from MySpace – well, for that reason mainly but also because MySpace seems to be tangled in the internets instead of chomping big holes in the World Wide Web like Facebook and Twitter…

I’m moving into my new unit at the end of the week. And I’m VERY excited! This week is the week of packing, last week having been the arduous “clean-out” (that never actually got completed, for reasons of laziness and sunshine) and I’m looking forward to saying goodbye to my current place and getting into something new. This week and next will see me sans-internet, so the blogs will be thin on the ground. I might try to post a few in quick succession so that my dedicated readers (thanks Mum) will have something to peruse while I’m gone.

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Natural Selection vs Common Sense

Yesterday, another life was lost as a surfer enjoyed his hobby off the Perth shores – as reported in this News Article. I totally sympathise with the man’s family and friends. However, the resulting uproar (which seems to happen every time one of nature’s apex predators kills a human) never ceases to astound me and make me mourn the death of common sense.

It seems to me that the modern age of “advanced” civilisation has changed the self preservation instinct of billions of people. I don’t just mean that so many people seem to be much more ignorant of their own safety, but I’m also referring to this weird hyper-reaction whenever a member of the human race is lost to a creature that was built to dominate its environment. Take this guy for example:

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Unconventional Rom-Coms – A Top 10

Today I saw “Scott Pilgrim vs The World”. If you haven’t seen it already, do yourself a favour and watch it as soon as you can! After laughing my way through this movie and loving it, I thought I’d throw together a list of my current top 10 favourite “unconventional” rom-coms.

You might be able to deduce from the list why I say they’re unconventional. While they all meet the standard requirements of the Romantic Comedy genre, they tell their stories in a unique and interesting way. To me, love is an unpredictable creature, that can be found in the ost unexpected places and will reveal itself to us in ways we may never see coming. The things we will do to win the heart of our love and the things we are willing and/or able to endure for their affection and attention can be extreme, embarrassing or downright crazy; and the movies that make up my list are my favourite examples of how things may not always go according to plan, but there is always an adventure to be had in the endeavour!

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Live Music – Enjoy At Your Own Peril?

I consider myself a music fan, although I’m not an avid musical enthusiast like some of my friends – whose collections of CDs, MP3s and even records are extremely impressive. I have a few favourite bands and am willing to give most genres a chance to potentially expand my musical horizons. I’ve been pleasantly surprised and utterly disappointed in my time, much like I presume we all have.

Everyone who likes music should logically enjoy a good live show, right? Whether it’s your favourite big time, multi-platinum selling band (or just that niche/reasonably successful band or artist) or the guy/group pumping out covers of some classic tunes in the beer garden of your local pub, live music is usually quite an enjoyable experience. I’ve only ever been to a few big music shows myself – I’ve been to a couple of festivals and have seen a few of my favourite bands play here in Brisbane and I’ve become immersed in the atmosphere every time.

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Hiroshima Memorial Dome

While I was in Japan in 2002 I wasn’t sure whether I’d get the chance to return, so I promised myself that I would do a few things before I left the country’s shores. One of these things was to visit Hiroshima, and it was a trip that brought a great many things into perspective for me.

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